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 GIVE where you LIVE 

The Downtown is the heartbeat of any community and a strong indicator of the overall health of our town. An investment in Main Street Ottumwa is an investment in the future of Ottumwa. 

Three ways to INVEST


Every single donation counts! Your tax-deductible donation will be valuable for the continued preservation, rehabilitation and beautification of Downtown Ottumwa.


We've come a long way in a short amount of time but we still have important work to do! The MSO Endowment Fund is part of our long-term financial planning strategy to ensure our mission will be maintained for years to come.


If you would like to donate to or sponsor a specific event or project, please contact Main Street Ottumwa to discuss current opportunities.

What exactly has Main Street Ottumwa been up to all these years?

Progress often happens slowly, under the surface, until one day you look up and see the difference you were making all along.

Impact measured 2006-2023.

72 New Businesses

 Business Builder Academy 2022 

292 New Jobs
317 e main 3.jpg

 116 N Market 

 307 E Main 

271 Property Improvement Projects

 303 E Main

 317 E Main 

46,311 Volunteer
sidewalk pots 2.jpg

 Downtown Planters 

 Ladies' Night Out 

back to school event 3.jpg
back to school event 8.jpg

 Back 2 School  Health and Family  Festival 


 Lights of Love 

Put your money to good use.

With multiple committees focused on the same mission, Main Street Ottumwa will be the hub for arts, entertainment, commerce, residential and employment opportunities in Southeast Iowa. Nobody works harder or cares more about the heart of Ottumwa like we do.

$28,513,403 in private investment . . . and counting

We believe that a vibrant and attractive downtown area is essential to the overall health and prosperity of our community. Our goal is to create a welcoming and engaging environment for residents and visitors alike, while also promoting the growth and success of local businesses and we're not afraid to put our own money in to make it happen.

To achieve these objectives, we are working on several initiatives, including:

  1. Streetscape Improvements: We are dedicated to enhancing the physical appearance of Main Street through the installation of new sidewalks, streetlights, and public art.

  2. Economic Development: We are focused on supporting existing businesses and attracting new ones to the downtown area. Our team is actively working with property owners, developers, and entrepreneurs to help bring new investment and job opportunities to Ottumwa.

  3. Community Engagement: We believe that community involvement is key to the success of our efforts. We are working to create a sense of place and foster a sense of pride in our downtown through events, programs, and volunteer opportunities.

  4. Marketing and Promotion: We are committed to promoting the downtown area through various channels, including social media, email marketing, and print advertising. Our goal is to increase awareness of the unique offerings and experiences that can be found in downtown Ottumwa.

Our ultimate aim is to make Main Street Ottumwa a thriving hub of activity and commerce, a place where people come together to shop, dine, and experience the best of what our community has to offer.

To discuss donation levels, recurring donations, or estate planning gifts, please contact Main Street Ottumwa at 641-814-5225.







Join your fellow community members

Thank you these 2022 donors for their loyal support!

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river hills logo.png

Ted and Dianne Haas
Connie Lewis
Paul Zingg
Bob Perkins

Brenda Case
Molly Meyers Naumann
VanNess Development
Sheryl Bookin

Dennis Gillespie
Tim Schwartz
Dr. Kent and Leisa Walker
Jean Travlos


Brad Grefe
Jacob McCoy
CAF America
Appanoose Rapids
Connie Ferguson
Curtis Architecture
Himar Hernandez
Mary Ann Reiter

Holly Berg
Eileen Day
Payson Moreland
Brett & Sally Phippen
Betty Bowling
Pam DeBoer
Annmarie Daily
Vernon & Margaret Trucano

Judy Blommer
Michael Moreland
Joan Fall
Elizabeth Stoltz-Peters
Greg and Susan Pixley
Mary Lazio
Mike and Joan McMillin
Larry Cofer


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