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Main Street Ottumwa’s Military and
Veteran Banner Program

The Main Street Ottumwa Program is pleased to announce the 2024 season (beginning March 15) for its banner program which recognizes and honors those who are serving or have served in the United States Armed forces.

The program is intended to show appreciation for veterans and military personnel and their families who have ties to the Ottumwa area. Banners display a photo of the service person as well as their name, branch, and dates of military service. The cost of each banner is $175.


To qualify for the Military and Veteran Banner Program, one of the following criteria must be met:

  1. The honoree is an active-duty member of the United States Armed Forces

  2. The honoree is a retired, deceased or honorably discharged member of the United States Armed Forces who has, or did, reside in Ottumwa or Wapello County.

  3. The applicant is a current resident or business based in Ottumwa.

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Sold Out for 2024

2023 Banner Locations

100 Block of East Main Street from Court Street

Matt Chiles

Honored by Mom, Dad, Nicole, & Cherry

Edwin Harold Day Jr. 

Deceased - Honored by his Wife, Angela Day

Butch Annis

Honored by his Wife and Children Nancy, Brandy & Devin

Robert D. Dayton

Deceased 2002 - Honored by the Sharon Dayton Family

James H. Cutsforth Jr.

Honored by his wife, children & their families

Edward W. Cullinan

Honored by Family of Edward Cullinan

Frank L. Davis

Honored by The Sisters

Darrel Dean Davis

Honored by The Sisters

Sam Davis

Honored by The Sisters

Raymond Thomas Gard


Honored by his Daughter and Family

Morris R. Frisbie

Honored by his Wife and Sons

Jerry Baker

Honored by his family

200 Block of East Main from Market Street

Charles Haviland

Honored by Marta & Tom Shafer

James T Hurley Jr.

Honored by his Family

Sgt Mark W Jones

Honored by Carrie Short

Jack McAllister

Honored by his Family

Jeff Miller

Honored by his Children

Ansel C. Moughler


Honored by the Conder, Moughler & Stufflebeem Families

Keith Wayne Pickrell

Honored by his Children

Kenneth Vest SR.


Honored by Son Ken Jr., daughters Barb Storm, Carole Whitney, Kristi Nolan

Lt. Charles Nicolas Wagner 

SSgt Kayla Marie Wagner

Donald I Ward

Honored by his Family

Lt. Sarah Beadle, PHD

Honored by her parents, Bruce and Rhonda Beadle


300 Block of East Main from Green Street

Linda Berry

Honored by Berry Patch I.T. Services

Jerry Lee Ware


Honored by the family of Jerry Ware

Jerry Weilbrenner

Honored by the David Weilbrenner Family

Robert M Wilkinson


Honored by his children Patty House & Beth Hendred

Sgt 1st Class Richard Wirfs

Honored by his Family

Cpl Adam Wolff

KIA 06-20-2014

Honored by his Family

Aubrey B. Yates


Honored by his Family

LaMoines O. Yates

Honored by his Family

Jimmy F Yenger


Honored by his daughter Laura Yenger & niece Kristen Yenger

John Yenger


Honored by his daughter Jan Heinje, Kathy Birus


Marion Lee Yenger


Honored by daughter Kirsten lee Yenger & niece Laura Yenger

Keith Breckenridge

Honored by his son, Steven Breckenridge

Robert Bruner

Honored by Good Samaritan 


Central Park Facing North

Cpl. Austin E. Waters


Honored by the Gravett Family

Ray Wingate

Deceased 7-8-2004

Honored by Jim and Judy Clingman

Everett L. Walton


Honored by his family

James Lee Wycoff

Honored by his Granddaughter Josalyn Bunt and Family


East Third Street West of Market Street

Dwayne Mc Antire

Honored by his Family

Robert L. Mitchell

Deceased 8/8/20

Honored by the Family of Robert L. Mitchell

Stephen P. Nord

Deceased 2-19-2020

Honored by Steva, Tracey, Nick, Bruce & Family

Charles T O'Brien

Deceased 8-28-1987

Honored by the Family of Charles O’Brien

Sgt. First Class Robert Radosevich

Honored by Kelli & Family

Chuck Ransom


Honored by Janet Ransom & Family

Donald E. Reid


Honored by the Michael Reid Family

Mark Reid


Honored by the Michael Reid Family

Michael Reid

Honored by his daughter Dominique Reid and Family

Don Riley

Honored by Joyce Ware

​North Market Street North of Second Street to Third Street

MSgt Rich La Rue

Honored by Wife, Deana & Daughter, Elanor La Rue

Dave Lawrence

Honored by his Family

Joe T. Lord


Honored by the children of Joe T. & Grace Lord

Katie Martin

Honored by the Martin Family

South Court North of Main Street

Dylan Schwantes

Honored by Mona Gordan Dean & Gordan Family

Don Schwartz

Deceased 3-27-2018

Honored by his Family

Don Shafer "Radar"

Deceased 3-29-2022

Honored by Thomas R. Shafer (Farmers Ins. Group)

Jon W. W. Short

Deceased 10-3-2021

Honored by his Widow Carrie Short

Leland Skinner

Deceased 1-17-1999

Honored by his Family

North Court North of Second

Charles "Chuck" Townsley

Deceased 7/10/2018

Honored by Shirley, Teresa, & Lori Ann

South Market from River Drive to Second Street

Leonard Deevers

Honored by the Swanson Family

Michael Anthony DeWeese

Honored by his wife Kim DeWeese

Darrell Frazier

Honored by Tonya Damm and Family

Dale A. Harter

Honored by Susan, Marty, and Todd Harter

Martin Helgerson

Honored by his Wife, Becky Helgerson

Richard "Dick" Keep

Honored by the American Legion

Russell J. Johnston

Honored by his Family

Clarence "Hank" Kraber


Honored by Tami Krantz, Patty Seamans, & Tim Kraber

Current Banners
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