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214 East Main Street

Historic buildings are a record of ourselves and our communities, and preserving important historic resources creates a visible connection with the community's history and culture. Historic places also preserve and promote the human stories of people who built, lived, or worked in them.

This building matters.

Historical Timeline

Main Street Ottumwa is Growing

We're happy you're here.

You will find information about the current business(es) or the upper stories that are housed within this building below.


There is much to discover in Downtown Ottumwa! If you're interested in starting a business, get in touch with us today. There is space for your dream here!


Apartment Name
Current Status
Pet Friendly
Square Feet
Price of Rent


There is space for you here.


You don't have to be from here to be welcome here. If you have a business idea or are looking to expand to a second location, we should talk.

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